An Infinity® from Marvin Sliding Window Offers Long-term Sophistication and Weather Resistance

Sliding WindowThe sliding window, also known as the glider window, is as sophisticated as it is practical. You’ll be able to seamlessly choose between keeping your window closed and letting in the fresh air, all while enjoying a wide view of the outdoors. At Infinity® from Marvin, we are backed by a manufacturer that has paved the way with its industry-leading windows and doors. As such, we are the only company serving Cleveland, Columbus, and other nearby cities where you will find the Infinity® from Marvin window line that features its high-end sliding window option.

While you may feel like other companies in the area do not offer a diverse enough selection of options for their sliding window to meet your needs, you will not encounter that problem with Infinity from Marvin. We offer a wide sliding window selection, featuring products that are available in a number of configurations and with various grille patterns. A few words that our customers associate with our windows include:

  • Strong – The utmost durability is simply to be expected, as these windows are constructed with Ultrex® fiberglass, a tough material that is Marvin’s exclusive invention.
  • Low-maintenance – With a removable operating sash, cleaning one of our windows will be one of the easiest tasks on your to-do list.
  • Energy efficient – Multiple panes of Low-E glass will help reduce heat transfer into and out of your home, which can better insulate your house and lead to potential reduced energy costs.
  • Beautiful – Their sleek, narrow frames allow for a wide viewing area, while looking stylish and modern.

Another phrase we are not afraid to use to describe our sliding window is “long-lasting.” Marvin backs these windows with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We also cover our exceptional work, which is carried out by some of the most trusted and skilled technicians in the industry, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

A sliding window will look great in any room of your house. Contact Infinity from Marvin to take the first step to having the best windows on the block in your neighborhood in Cleveland, Columbus, or a surrounding city in OH. Or, feel free to stop by either of our showrooms in these locations.