Marvin Family of Brands

For over a century, Marvin® Windows and Doors has been a leader in the window and door industry, whether through products for new buildings or for replacement. Founded in 1912 by George Marvin, Marvin was founded on the principle of hard work and dedication to quality products. As the company evolved from a lumber yard to a window manufacturer those beliefs remained, and now Marvin is known throughout the world as one of the best in the industry.

Today, the Marvin Family of Brands remains owned by the Marvin family and consists of three lines: Marvin, Infinity® and Integrity®. Marvin and Integrity offer wood products, with either aluminum clad of fiberglass exteriors (respectively).  Infinity offers exclusively fiberglass materials custom built for replacement. Throughout the years, Marvin has obtained numerous patents, including the one for Ultrex® fiberglass which is the main component for Infinity windows and doors. Marvin is currently the largest made-to-order window and door company in the world, and all products are manufactured in the United States.

As part of the Marvin Family of Brands, Infinity from Marvin maintains its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Infinity offers products with superior performance, materials and design, and everything is supported by Marvin Windows and Doors.  Customers get to experience working with a large company but on a local scale, so they have the peace of mind knowing that support is only a few minutes away. Infinity from Marvin is proud to be part of the Marvin Family of Brands and excited to bring our top of the line products to your community.