History – Our Story

Infinity® from Marvin was created in 2002 after the Marvin family realized there was a demand for high quality replacement windows and doors in the market. The Marvin brands were known for making high quality wood windows, but there were no options for non-wood windows. After experimenting with vinyl alternatives, the Marvin family decided they did not want to use plastic in their products. As such, Infinity was created entirely out of Ultrex® fiberglass, which had already been used in conjunction with wood windows for over a decade. This created a product with the look and feel of a wood window but without the maintenance. Infinity has since evolved into a custom made, replacement focused brand centered around its high-quality fiberglass products.

Traditionally, Infinity from Marvin partnered with local dealers who would sell and install the products; however, the Infinity team wanted to find a way to connect directly with consumers. This created Infinity from Marvin Cleveland and Infinity from Marvin Columbus, the first corporately owned retail locations for Infinity in the nation. This allows local, Infinity from Marvin employees to directly interact with consumers and offer them high quality fiberglass products right from the manufacturer. By working with the consumers, we are able to control the experience and ensure that we deliver the best possible product and installation.

At Infinity from Marvin, you get the best of both worlds: a high quality, industry leading product and local, expert employees to guide you through the process. Visit our Cleveland or Columbus showrooms or give us a call to see why we believe we offer the best product and replacement experience available in the market today.