Frequently Asked Questions

Infinity® from Marvin is made entirely out of Ultrex, a durable, pultruded fiberglass. Ultrex has a very low thermal
expansion rate that is similar to that of the glass. This means the window remains stable and weathertight without
expansion and contraction. Ultrex fiberglass is 8 times stronger than vinyl and 3.5 times stronger than
wood/composites. Our fiberglass windows and doors are maintenance free and will not rot, warp or chip.
At Infinity from Marvin, we take a consultative approach to help our customers find the right solution for their
project. To get started, we set up a free in home estimate so our consultant can visit the home, take measurements and
go over different options with the homeowners. Once the homeowner decides the details the consultant will get them
pricing options based on what they are looking for. This first appointment often is followed by a visit to our showroom
or a follow up appointment to answer more questions. We are not a high-pressure sales company. We take our time and try
to find the solution that is the right fit for the customer’s project.
While not required, we do recommend all decision makers be present for our appointments. This is a project that
involves a great deal of details, most of which cannot be altered once the product is ordered or installed. We want to
make sure everything is communicated correctly and everyone is happy with the window/door decision.
Infinity from Marvin Columbus covers all of Central Ohio and the surrounding areas. Infinity from Marvin Cleveland
covers all of Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Youngstown, Canton and Akron. For more information, please call our
offices and if we are not your local dealer we will direct to the correct one.
Everything Infinity does is built to order, and we can do custom sizes.
Yes, we offer several financing options. For more information visit our financing page here
Our typical lead time is 6-8 weeks on windows and doors, although this may vary due to season and other factors. Your
sales consultant can get you a more accurate answer based on your project.
We offer a variety of interior and exterior options, but unfortunately, we do not offer staining/painting. We have
worked with many local companies and can provide a recommended list on request.
Some condensation on your window may be normal, depending on the situation. If your condensation is on the exterior of
the glass, this means there is a drastic temperature difference between the inside and outside of the home. A little
condensation in this situation is normal, especially if there is a humidifier in the home or the window is covered with
curtains. If the condensation is between the panes of glass on your window, then the seal has broken. Our products are
covered against seal failure (see here (warranty page link)) so you can contact our service department to get that
fixed. If you have another product other than Infinity, then we are unable to replace just the glass and would have to
replace the entire window
We service the products that we have installed, but we do not repair or service products we have not installed
Infinity products are designed to be low maintenance, so you should not have to paint/stain regularly.
If you have a service issue with one of our products, visit here to submit a service request. Or you can call our
office and ask for the service department.
Our installations can take as little as half a day or as long as one week. It depends on the products and type of
installation we are performing. Your sales consultant can tell you more based on your specific project.
We remove your old windows or doors and haul them away after we finish the job. You are left with beautiful new windows
and doors without the mess.
Depending on the job, you may be able to keep your existing woodwork. This would be something a sales consultant would
look at during your in-home consultation.
We can perform both traditional insert/replacement installations or full frame installations. Insert keeps the original
frame and sometimes the original woodwork, while full frame installations take everything out and build an entirely new
frame for the replacement window. This is something to discuss during your in-home consultation.
All of our products came with Low E2 glass automatically, and we do offer glass upgrades as well if you are interested
in other options. Our fiberglass products are strong, stable and weathertight which makes them extremely energy
Yes, we install year-round. Installations go one window and a time to minimize the outdoors coming into the home.
We can do anything from one window/door to an entire house. It is up to you how many you purchase, and most people do
their project in 2-3 stages.
We install everything that we sell, so we cannot sell just the product. We do this to ensure the best possible
installation and so we can back the warranty of our product
We do not replace only glass. We replace the entire window or door with a new, fiberglass window or door. To find out
more, please call our office.